Our nursery


Planet Kids Nursery offers your child a safe, enjoyable and colorful environment for peace of mind of parents. The child is encouraged to develop and reach autonomy and self-confidence in a loving and caring atmosphere.

Each class has an excellent staff/child ratio in line with the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare recommendations to ensure that all his needs are being catered for in a timely and optimum way.


To cater for the harmonious development of your child and respect his needs and pace of learning, our Nursery is divided into 4 departments as follows:
N1: Infants of 14 weeks to 1 year
N2: Toddlers of 1 year to 2 years
N3: Toddlers of 2 years to 2 ½ years
N4: Toddlers of 2 ½ years to 3 years

All the classes have an appropriate daily routine schedule where all the activities are planned for the day, starting from arrival, feeding, toileting, nap time, playing and departure time.



Planet kids environment


Planet Kids provide state of the art facilities and equipment, colourful and creative toys and activities, a colourful open playground, doll play area, a big play pen area with attractively bright designs. Our stimulating environment encourages and helps the young children to foster their creativity, their critical thinking and communication, while playing and having fun. They touch, experiment, explore and learn while playing with the different toys and objects.


Planet Kids Nursery also provides canteen facilities for the group of toddlers above 1 year old. We take care for a balanced nutritious diet appropriate to the age of the children. Good nutrition makes a healthy child. We respect the food preferences of each child and any special dietary needs are discussed with parents at enrollment time. Our meal and snack times are happy moments for the children, a time for social sharing and interaction.



Toileting and bathing time are important for the development and learning of your child. Planet Kids provide bathing and changing room attached to each department. Toilets are adapted to children so that toilet training goes on smoothly from the age of 18 months old. Sleeping is a precious time for all children. Nice, colorful, soft and clean cots and mattresses are provided for your child.



Our caregivers are well-experienced, caring, giving your child all the love and attention they need. Your infants feel safe, secured, loved and happy. We focus on a holistic approach in the caring and development of your child, giving him the opportunity to develop his self-confidence, self-expression, artistic expression, appreciation, curiosity and problem solving skills.

Meet Our Caregivers

Anurada (Anu) Dalliah
Anurada (Anu) DalliahHead of Nursery Department / Caregiver
Joined Planet Kids 1999
Mirella Bangaleea
Mirella BangaleeaCaregiver
Joined Planet Kids 2003
Aline Romeo
Aline RomeoCaregiver
Joined Planet Kids 2012
Melanie Francoeur
Melanie FrancoeurCaregiver
Joined Planet Kids 2020
Quincy Agar
Quincy AgarCaregiver
Joined Planet Kids 2020



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