“Searching a Nursery for your kid, is subject to many criteria, oriented towards the child good development. leading to parents satisfaction. 

For our child, Shellby, our main objectives/results orientation, through a nursery was that her first experience should be in a loving, caring and homely environment, where she receives professional care and feels safe.

We indeed found all these qualities at Planet Kids. 

There is still much path to go in her childhood, but at this day, we are proud of how well she has grown up and develop a good attitude towards people and her environment. We really appreciate her love for her teachers, fellow classmates and her motivation to learn more every day.

We enjoy the communication skills developed. 

Our appreciation level being on the high side, we send our warm thanks to the Nursery team and Admin team for their continuous great job, support and Love. 

We send a cascade of best wishes and warmest regards for the coming year 2020.

Melanie and Family.

Best Regards,”

– Melanie Pierrus