Our Kindergarten caters for the harmonious and sound development of the 3 to 5 years old children.

At Planet Kids Kindergarten, your child will love to stay in our family-type surroundings where they will feel loved and pampered. We also take care for a balanced nutritious diet appropriate to the age of the children. We respect the food preferences of each child and any special dietary needs are discussed with parents at enrollment time.


To respect your child’s needs and pace of learning, our Kindergarten is divided into 2 sections as follows:

K1: 3 years

K2: 3-4 years

K3: 4-5 years

We are proud to say that we are among the elite schools providing highly qualified teachers with a ratio of 24:2.

Meet Our Kindergarten Staff

Ivanna Ha-Sun
Ivanna Ha-SunAssistant Director/Head of Pre-Primary Department
Pre-Primary Educator since 2017
Joined Planet Kids 2017
Rajwantee (Rani) Ramchurn
Rajwantee (Rani) RamchurnPre-Primary Educator
Pre-Primary Educator since 1991
Joined Planet Kids 2007
Virna Carombayenin
Virna CarombayeninPre-Primary Educator
Pre-Primary Educator since 2011
Joined Planet kids 2015
Melissa Yim Lim
Melissa Yim LimPre-Primary Educator
Pre-Primary Educator since 2018
Joined Planet Kids 2017



For more details, please contact Sharmila or Marie Lourdes